Remuda™ PERFORMANCE mode enhancements

Starting in version 2.0.0, Remuda™ PERFORMANCE mode supports separate Sets and Songs view. In songs view you see all of the songs that you have defined. In Sets view you see a list of those Songs that you have include in the Set. This change makes it possible to define a song and its presets, backing track, and PDF document (Android 5.0+) in one place so that you can easily include it in multiple Sets.

Remuda S/C™ for Fender® Super Champ™ X2 version 1.2.0 is available in the Google Play Store

Remuda S/C™ version 1.2.0 is now available. This version brings an updated look and support for the latest versions of Android. There is also a free version of the app called, Remuda S/C™ Lite. The Lite version offers the same editing capabilities as the full version but it is limited to editing the first three voices of the Super Champ™ X2 only.

Remuda (V.2) is available for sale in the Google Play store.

Remuda™ is now available for sale in the Google Play store for your android powered smartphone or tablet. Remuda™ allows you to edit all of your presets including the “deep” editing of amplifier parameters and signal chain order. Remuda™ includes a specially designed Performance Mode designed for the gigging musician.

  • Remuda™ is compatible with Fender® Mustang™ (V.2) series amplifiers.
  • Allows Drag ‘n Drop preset reordering.
  • Deep editing of all presets.
  • Edit the order of the effects and amplifier to get the “Signal Chain” just the way you want it.
  • Performance Mode lets you set up a complete list of “songs” and “presets”.
  • Automatically select presets into the Quick Access Preset slots in performance mode.
  • Requires a USB  On The Go (OTG) cable/adapter and Android Version 3.1 or higher.